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synchronisation and coherency), to Microvita in the context of the Neo-Leibnizian World Model and quantum monadology, whereby consciousness should not be interpreted by our daily experiences, but as an introspectively realized state.  


Finally, we recognize how Microvita give rise to what is known (in Sanskrit) as advaetadvaeta'dvaetava'da, meaning non-dualistic dualistic non-dualism: Non-dualism from dusk to dawn, dualism only in the daytime of existence.

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What we aim at is to find the scientific basis of a sublime concept: The concept of Microvita (ultimate particles of consciousness), which has been proposed by the Indian philosopher Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar for solving some of the pending problems of humanity ‘without delay.

In the medium term, we continue to work on the following issues:

•  Identification of Microvita research areas

•  Establishment of Microvita research core groups

•  Publication of scientific papers

•  Preparation of international conferences

•  Training of Gurukula students

•  Production of Gurukula teaching materials




Professor  Dhanjoo Ghista about the Book

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The author has done admirable work to develop the concept of Microvita and its synthesis, from the medieval question of whether there are ‘universalia ante res impinging on our destiny and fortune, to a model of the atomic nucleus, onto how Devayonis and Pretayonis can be produced pairwise or apart by the action of the neutral and the positive or negative creation operator respectively.


Thereafter, we learn how imperialism, to-gether with its different forms, such as ca-pitalism and nationalism, all have one psy-chological base. This comes about through diminishing the interest for the sublime and enhancing the interest for material goods.

Thereafter,  we journey  from Microvita net-

work  formation (clustering, representation,


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