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Born 1950. Studies in Würzburg, Göttingen, Berlin and Munich 1970-1980. Doctorate at the Institute for Clinical Chemistry, Academic Hospital München-Schwabing 1978-1980. Resident in Internal Medicine 1980-1988 (Berlin, Bad Pyrmont). Internist and specialist in Rheumatology since 1988/1990. Assistant medical director 1989-1996, medical consultant since 1997 (Berlin).

Practicing Yoga since 1972. Tou- ring India since 1983. Commissio-


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Dr. Hans-Joachim Rudolph, MD

ner for Indian Medicine and member of the Council for Natural Medicine at the Berlin Chamber of Physicians 1992-1997. Alumnus of the ‘Foreigners Training Programme, Gujarat Ayurved University, 1993-1995. Founding member and chairman of Microvita Research e.V. since 2007.

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